Research and Education in the Division of Marine Bioresource and Environmental Science

With the primary aim of achieving balance and compatibility between the conservation of marine and aquatic environments and bioresources and the sustained production of aquatic bioresources for human usage, the division supports advanced research based on both field and industrial sciences. Dealing with the issue, it is necessary not only to view marine and aquatic environments and bioresources from a macroscopic perspective, but also to achieve goals related to the conservation and proper management of the environment and resources from a multidisciplinary perspective. The division consists of six core research laboratories or educational chairs for graduate students of M.Sc. and Ph.D programs: “Marine Biology and Biodiversity” and “Marine Bioresource Science”, which examine marine and aquatic organisms from viewpoints of biology and aquatic resources; “Marine Environmental Science” and “Marine Environment and Resource Sensing”, which examine resources and the environment within context of environmental and quantitative sciences; “Fisheries Engineering” and “Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies”, which examine the production and consumption of aquatic resources within context of engineering, industry, economy and social policy; and of a fixed-term laboratory or chair “Studies on Marine Bioresources Conservation and Management” (2010-2014 fiscal year). Within the research and educational framework, the division fosters individuals with superior research skills and an advanced knowledge of both basic and applied sides of marine bioresource and environmental science.

Laboratories and Chairs

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