Ushio-maru TOP

The Purpose of Ushio-maru and Outline of the Elongation

Faculty of Fisheries Hokkaido University had been performing the fishery researches and trainings utilizing three training ships “ Oshoro-maru”, “Hokusei-maru” and “Ushio-maru”. The small fishery research ship “Ushio-maru” was constructed in September 1992 at Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. with Sanuki Shipbuilding Co. This ship was used for mainly coastal investigations around Hakodate Bay area.

According to the strong needs to cover the wider and larger scale of fishery investigations and trainings after the retirement of “Hokusei-maru”, “Ushio-maru” was elongated and enlarged at Kanto Kogyo Co. in March 2002. She also equipped the newest research instruments.


1. Range of experiments and training

Physical Oceanography, Chemistry Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Marine Biosource production, Fisheries Resource Measurement, Fisheries Behavioral Research, Marine Chemical Resource Development

2. Fishing methods

Stem trawling, Longline fishing, Cage fishing, Gill-net fishing, Single hook fishing, Squid jigging, etc.

3. Main areas of research

  1. Physical, chemical, biological, and ecological studies of the marine environment
  2. Fluctuations in sea and fishery conditions, Changes in biosources, Resource management
  3. Physics and ecology of fishing gear, fishing methods, fishing-gear design
  4. Ecology of fishes, cephalopods, marine mammals, plankton, and benthos
  5. Efficiency and safety engineering of fishing machinery
  6. Resource measurement, Hydroacoustic remote sensing
  7. Exploring the useful materials from marine organisms



Length over all 39.39m
Length perpendiculars 33.74m
Breadth 8.10m
Depth 3.00m
Draught 2.60m
Gross Tonnage 179
International GT 286
Servicespeed 11.0knots
Endurance 2,200NM
(Crew:16p、Instructors & Cadet:17p)


Main Engine 746kW-800rpm
Generators 200kVA + 160kVA + 45kVA