List of faculty members

Faculty members at the Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University (1 October 2019)

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Research area(s)

ABE Hiroto abe[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Satellite remote sensing, ocean currents, waves, salinity, air-sea interaction
ADACHI Shinji s-adachi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Sex-differentiation of fish and molecular mechanism of oogenesis, circulating aquaculture systems, eels, sturgeons
ANDO Yasuhiro ando[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC Lipid chemistry, triacylglycerol, stereospecific analysis, fatty acid analysis, gas chromatography
BEPPU Fumiaki fbeppu[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC Bioactive food compounds from marine organisms, safety evaluation and application of marine bioactive compounds
BOWER John Richard akaika[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES HO Cephalopod ecology, cephalopod fisheries
CHITTENDEN Anthony Robert archi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp IEO Food security, food safety, micro plastics, resilience building, curriculum development
FUJIMORI Yasuzumi fujimori[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Resources, fishing analysis, fishing gear selectivity
FUJIMOTO Takafumi fujimoto[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AGG Meiosis, cloning, hybrids, chromosome, chromosome manipulation, embryo manipulation, developmental engineering, germ cell, cryopreservation
FUJITA Masaki masakifujita[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC Marine natural product chemistry, metagenome, biosynthesis, chemical ecology (chemical communication), next generation sequencing
HASEGAWA Kohei kohase[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Development of acoustic systems for improving fish stock estimation, methods to estimate fish stocks using broadband acoustic systems, marine measurement using acoustic telemetry
HIRAMATSU Naoshi naoshi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Fish reproduction, aquaculture development, marine fish, gene manipulation, egg, breeding
HIRAWAKE Toru hirawake[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Marine optics, ocean color remote sensing, phytoplankton, primary production in the polar and subarctic region
HOSHI Naoki hoshi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Oshoro Maru Oceanography, navigation, marine education
HOSOKAWA Masashi hoso[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC Molecular Nutrition, Lipid biochemistry, Lifestyle-related disease prevention, carotenoid , polyunsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic action
IJIRI Shigeho ijiri[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Sex-differentiation, reproduction, ovary, testes, tilapia, eels, sturgeons
IMAI Keiri imai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Oshoro Maru Chemical oceanography, biological and earth science, oceanographic observations
IMAMURA Hisashi imamura[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Taxonomy and phylogenetic systematics of fishes, especially the family Platycephalidae and related taxa
INOUE Akira inouea21[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Protein, cDNA cloning, various expression systems, polysaccharide degrading enzymes, mutation induction
ISHIHARA Chiaki yci0210@fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Behavioral ecology of crustaceans, male-male completion for females, male mate choice
ISODA Yutaka isoda[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Sea of Japan, Tsushima Warm Current, numerical modeling
JOE Ga-hyun gahyun[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Modulation of immune responses by food ingredients, development of functional foods using underutilized fishery resources
KAJIWARA Yoshiyuki y2kaji[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Navigation, seamanship, fishing gear, sampling gear, marine ecology
KAMEI Yoshihiko y.kamei[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Ushio Maru Navigation, seamanship, research gear, marine environment, marine ecology
KASAI Akihide akihide[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Marine ecosystems; links between forest, village and sea; fisheries oceanography, nearshore oceanography, marine environment, stable isotope ratios, numerical simulation, environmental DNA
KASAI Hisae hisae[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Marine disease science, food hygiene science, pathogenic microorganisms in fishes, viruses, prevention of epidemics in fishes, health management
KAWAI Toshio toshio.kawai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Comparative anatomy, species diversity, taxonomy, deep sea fishes, Indo-Pacific
KAWAI Yuji kawai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Food preservation, antibacterial antioxidization, drying
KIMURA Nobuo kimura[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Information, fishery safety, modeling, simulation
KISHIMURA Hideki kishi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Biochemistry, genetic engineering, marine wastes, red algae, protein, enzyme, enzyme inhibitor
KOBAYASHI Naoto kobayashi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Ushio Maru ADCP, North Pacific, navigation, fishing boat
KOMEYAMA Kazuyoshi komeyama[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Fish behavior, fish school behavior, biologging, image processing, computer vision
KUDO Hideaki hidea-k[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES HO Anadromous salmon, homing migration, resource maintenance and management, olfaction, drug metabolism, immunohistochemistry, molecular histochemistry, ultrastructure, morphology
KUDO Isao ikudo[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Primary production, nutrient cycle, biophilic element cycle, relation between the primary production processes in coastal areas and water on land, relation between bivalve culture (esp. scallops) and the marine environment
KUMAGAI Yuya yuyakumagai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Saccharide, carbohydrate relating enzyme, molecular enzymology, genome editing
KURIHARA Hideyuki kuri[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Enzyme inhibitors, algal constituent, structure analysis, algal polysaccharide, analytical method
LEE Tai-Hung thlee[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AGG Shrimp, crab, rearing, breeding, artificial insemination, sex-differentiation, sexual control, artificial mutation
MAEKAWA Kazuyoshi maekawa[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Center hull flow force, rudder, side thruster, motion control, simulation
MARUYAMA Hideo maruyama[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Chemical engineering, separation process, solid-liquid separation, adsorption, foam separation, chemical reaction engineering, biodiesel production
MATSUISHI Takashi Fritz http://bit.ly/2fritz MBES MBS Fish stock assessment, fisheries management, harbour porpoise, strandings
MATSUNO Kohei k.matsuno[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Zooplankton, phytoplankton, community structure, life history, size composition, Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, climate change
MIKAMI Koji komikami[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AGG Porphyra yezoensis, genetic transformation, gene expression, morphogenesis, environmental response
MINO Sayaka sayaka.mino[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Microbial genetics, microbial ecology, chemoautotrophic microorganisms
MITANI Yoko yo_mitani[at]fsc.hokudai.ac.jp FSC MECA Bio-logging, marine mammals, behavioral ecology, migration
MIYASHITA Kazuo kmiya[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC DHA, EPA, lipid peroxidation, trophic effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotenoid
MIYASHITA Kazushi miyashi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp FSC MECA Marine ecosystem sensing, marine quantitative ecology, system fisheries science, fisheries and plankton acoustics, bio-logging
MIYAZAWA Haruhiko miyazawa[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES HO Fishing management, industrial structure, employment structure, marketing, recreational fishing, city fishing village exchange
MIZUTA Hiroyuki mizuta[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AGG Seaweeds, nutrients, growth, maturation, propagation, defense response, control of life cycle
MONTANI Shigeru montani[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Material recycling processes, biophile elements, coastal shallow areas, tideland/sea grass bed, biological production at low trophic levels
MUKAI Tohru mukai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Fishery acoustics, fish finders, acoustic reflection, abundance estimation, plankton acoustics
MUNEHARA Hiroyuki hm[at]fsc.hokudai.ac.jp FSC UFS Fish biology
NAKAYA Mitsuhiro mnakaya[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBS Behavioral studies for population dynamics of marine animals (fishes, mollusks, crustaceans), effective utilization of marine bioresources
NISHIMURA Kinya kinya[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBS Behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, mathematical ecology
NOMURA Daiki daiki.nomura[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Sea ice, snow, material circulation, carbon cycle, sea ice ecosystem, Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Sea of Okhotsk, field observations, cold room experiments
NOZAWA Hisanori nozawa[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Food biochemistry, seafood quality, freshness evaluation, preservation
OJIMA Takao ojima[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Glycolytic enzymes、proteolytic enzymes, muscle protein, fish and shellfish, algae, gene cloning, recombinant protein
ONISHI Hiroji onishi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES North Pacific subarctic circulation, Alaskan Stream, Argo floats, Funka Bay, Gulf of Thailand
OOKI Atsushi ooki[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Organic matter production and decomposition, oxygen consumption, nutrients, organic gas (VOC), iodine, Funka Bay, North Pacific. Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean
OOWADA Maki ohwada[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Oshoro Maru Navigation, oceanographic observations
SAEKI Hiroki saeki[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Muscle protein, molecular modification, function conversion, seafood allergies
SAKAI Ryuichi ryu.sakai[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBC Bioactive substances, sponges, symbiosis, biomineralization, nerves, starfish, blood corpuscle increase
SAKAOKA Keiichiro sakaoke[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Oshoro Maru Navigation, CTD, XBT, NORPAC net, micro data logger
SASAKI Takafumi sasaki-t[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES HO Fisheries economics, fisheries policy, fisheries education, vocational education
SAWABE Tomoo sawabe[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Marine microbiology, biofuel production, microbial ecology, microbial
SEKI Hideshi sekiccho[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Environmental remediation, water treatment, separation operations (adhesion, cohesion and adsorptive bubble separation method)
SHIMIZU Munetaka mune[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MCRD Salmonid fishes, hormone, growth, seawater adaptation, life-history patterns , resource enhancement
SHIMIZU Susumu sus[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Fishing gear, bycatch, discard amounts, fish catch selectivity, fish catch efficiency, modeling
TAKAGI Shogo vessel[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp Oshoro Maru Pelagic nekton in the North Pacific
TAKAGI Tsutomu tutakagi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Ocean physics, biotechnology mechanics, behavior science of fishes, fishing gear and methods, numerical simulation
TAKAGI Yasuaki takagi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Wise use of fisheries by-products, collagen, chondroitin sulfate, health effects, biomaterials
TAKAHASHI Yuki yukitakahashi[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Hydrodynamic characteristics of fishing gear, aquaculture tank, computational fluid dynamics, numerical simulation
TAKATSU Tetsuya takatsu[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBS Flatfish, cod, sand lance, survivorship, food, predation, larval fish, young fish, year class strength
TANAKA Hiroyuki tanaka-h[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MBM Biochemistry, molecular biology, basic life science experiments, aquatic biochemistry experiments
TASHIRO Fumihito ftashiro[at]museum.hokudai.ac.jp FSCM Taxonomy of deep-sea eels (order Anguilliformes), species diversity of fishes in the Sea of Japan
TODO Takashi todo[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Artificial control of fish propagation, mechanisms of oogenesis and spermatogenesis, genetics of reproduction
TOJO Naoki naoki[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp IEO Applied ecology; sustainability; resource dynamics, analyses, and monitoring; fisheries development
TOMIYASU Makoto tomiyasu[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MERS Fisheries acoustics, Bio-telemetry, Fish ethology, Bio-logging
UENO Hiromichi ueno[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES North Pacific, Arctic Ocean, mesoscale eddies, Argo plan, marine ecosystems
UJI Toshiki t-uji[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AGG Seaweed, red algae, brown algae, life cycle, gene expression, mutation
URA Kazuhiro kazu[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS AB Physiology in invertebrates
WADA Satoshi wadas[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Life history, behavior, evolution, invertebrates, crustaceans, propagation of shellfish
WATANUKI Yutaka ywata[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBS Reproductive strategy, biotelemetry, conservation
YAMAGUCHI Atsushi a-yama[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBB Zooplankton, copepods, material circulation, deep sea
YAMAHA Etsuro eyamaha[at]fsc.hokudai.ac.jp FSC NFS Genetic breeding, gynogenesis, androgenesis, surrogate aquaculture
YAMAKI Shogo yamaki[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Microbiological studies of food safety
YAMAMOTO Jun yamaj[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp FSC MECA Fisheries oceanography
YAMAMURA Orio yamamura[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MBS Ecosystem structure, dietary habit analysis, feeding impacts, top-down/bottom-up control, trawl investigation, modeling, culture experiment, statistical analysis
YAMAZAKI Koji yamasaki[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MLS MFST Food microorganisms, fermented foods, antibacterial action, antibacterial substances
YASUI Hajime hagime[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES HO Seaweeds, Fucales (brown algae), chromosome, reproductive biology, developmental biology, algae food culture
YASUMA Hiroki yasuma[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES FE Acoustic monitoring, midwater ecosystems, seaweed beds
YOSHIMURA Takeshi yoshimura-t[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp MBES MES Bioelements (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus), phytoplankton, chemical analysis



IEO: International Education Office

MBES: Marine Bioresource and Environmental Science

MLS: Marine Life Science



AB: Aquaculture Biology

AGG: Aquaculture Genetics and Genomics

FE: Fisheries Engineering

HO: Humans and the Ocean

MBB: Marine Biology and Biodiversity

MBC: Marine Bioresources Chemistry

MBM: Marine Biotechnology and Microbiology

MBS: Marine Bioresource Science

MCRD: Marine Chemical Resource Development

MERS: Marine Environment and Resource Sensing

MES: Marine Environmental Science

MFST: Marine Food Science and Technology