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Division of Marine
Bioresource and
Marine Biology and Biodiversity Planktology, Benthology, Systematicichthyology, Taxonomy, Species diversity, Ecology, Behavior, Life history
Marine Bioresource Science Marine ecology, Marine bioresources production, Population dynamics, Marine ecosystem, Stock fluctuation,Climate change, Fisheries activity, Evolutional ecology 
Marine Environmental Science Marine environmental physics, Physical oceanography, Coastal oceanography, Marine environmental chemistry, Chemical oceanography, Marine biogeochemistry, Aquatic chemistry
Marine Environment and Resource Sensing Satellite remote sensing, Marine environment monitoring, Hydroacoustic remote sensing, Quantitative echo sounder, Scientific sampling gear, Bycatch prevention, Bio-telemetry
Fisheries Engineering Engineering, Informatics, Technology, Fluid dynamics, Analytical approach, Tank experiment, Simulation 
Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies Aquatic bioresources, Fishery management, Ocean policy, Macrophytes, Nekton, Innovative ports, Blue economy, Industrial-academic-government cooperation
Division of Marine
Life Science
Aquaculture Biology Life science, Comparative physiology, Endocrinology, Reproduction, Aquaculture, Extracellular matrix, Metabolism
Aquaculture Genetics and Genomics Aquatic animals and marine macroalgae, Breeding, Gene, Chromosome, Biotechnology, Reproductive control, Development, Environmental response
Marine Biotechnology and Microbiology Marine microbiology, Marine molecular miology, Fish pathology, Marine enzymes, Motor protein, Muscular protein, Deep sea microbes, Fish pathogenic viruses
Marine Bioresources Chemistry Bio-analytical chemistry, Bio-molecular chemistry, Bi-functional chemistry, Chromatography, Biological activity, Molecular biology
Marine Food Science and Technology Marine food science and technology, Food biochemistry,Food hygiene and safety science, Seafood process engineering, Food wholesomeness, Health benefit of seafood
Marine Chemical Resource Development Fisheries waste, Sustainable use, Value adding, Zero emission, Aqua culture, Enzyme inhibitors, Marine polysaccharides, Marine complex lipids