Toya Lake Station

Research at this station focuses on the salmonid fishes and environmental biology of Lake Toya. Salmonid studies examine varios topics, including migration and the introduction of anadromous species to the lake. First-year undergraduate students are taught environmental biology, and third-year students are taught fish-culture methods.

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Usujiri Fisheries Station

This station is located in Usujiri-chou Hakodate city in southern Hokkaido near Funka Bay. This region is home to many boreal species. The station is used by faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scientists from around the world to conduct independent research projects.

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Nanae Freshwater Station

This station is located in a suburb of Hakodate City in southern Hokkaido. Faculty members and students use this station to conduct culture experiments on 14 salmonid species comprising 26 local and inbred strains.

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